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A/ Driving offences

- Speeding offences  

Speed limit in urban areas is 50 km/ph but may be reduced to 30 km/ph or even 20 km/ph in small villages. Speed limit on single lane main roads (RN+ number) and secondary road  (D+number) is 80 km/ph and, 110 km/ph on dual carriageways and Ring roads, 130 km/ph on highways. These speed limits are legally reduced by 10km/h  when raining.

There are no highways in Corsica
As corsicans rarely stick to the speed limits and are often impatient to overtake vehicles ahead, in such circumstance it is infinitely preferable to stick to the speed limit as vehicle will be overtaken even when speeding up.  
Random traffic check by Gendarmerie are common in Corsica especially in the summer time. Tourists that commit speeding offences are fined and may end up before BASTIA (or AJACCIO) Court of Justice.

- Drink-driving

Driving with a level of alcohol in the blood equal to or higher than 0.5g per litre of blood is prohibited in France. Also prohibited to sell or offer alcoholic drinks to minors aged under 16 years old (in drinks outlets, shops and public places).

Police and Military police (Gendarmerie) can test blood for alcohol.

B/ In the event of attack or theft or personal injury, you can report it to:

- Nearest Police station (in main cities) or Gendarmerie (outside main cities).

- State prosecutor at Court of justice located in the area attack was carried out or in the area of residence of perpetrator when identified.

C/ In the event of you commit an offence

Whether non-criminal offence (civil offence) or criminal offence, you may be convicted and face different type of sentences as may a French citizen.

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Ensure, prior to any signing, all documents were transmitted and translated in your native language (Sales agreement, deed of transfer and when property is new or off-plan ask for construction insurance, building damage insurance, property and casualty insurance company)

Ensure, prior to any signing, Notaire explained all applicable regulation and endeavoured to allow you a perfect understanding of your rights and duties under French Law. 

As it is usual for buyer and seller to appoint same notaire and as such occurrence may not serve your best interests, it is infinitely preferable to appoint a lawyer to act on your behalf or to double check all documents to be signed .

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